Chopping a bale takes too long

Check knives. Sharpen the edge or replace knives if worn out.

The bale is not rotating

The bale has to rotate for the chopper to function optimally. Adjust step parameters to get the mass rotating.

Pump capacity is too low

Check that the nozzles are dimensioned to required capacity. Replace with bigger nozzles if needed.

Gear Pump is not working

Check that the shaft rotates easily and that the filter is clean.
Check connections and power.

Flowmaster displays "Tank is empty"

Press and hold "Stop" for 3 seconds to reset tank.

Overload protection for conveyor is activated

In most cases, the reason for this is voltage drop in the power source. Contact power supplier if drops exceed 20%.

OneTouch Feeder is not registering marker

If OneTouch Feeder goes past a marker without it detecting, it may be due to too much distance between marker and sensor. Check distance, and alternatively cable or sensor if no markers are detected.