Here is a selection of our solutions, using our products to meet specific needs.

Automated feeding

Serigstad offer both complete solutions for feeding, and stand-alone machines that can be integrated into other systems. FeedSystem is a complete solution for chopping and distribution from feed kitchen to the feed fence. The system is customizable to different applications by combining different bale choppers, conveyors, belt feeders or rail-going feeders.


We offer a range of different solutions for ensiling, made to accomodate different uses. Our packages contain pump, controller, hoses, cables and safety gear. A nozzle solution has to be chosen additionally, in order to get a complete solution.


Serigstad has developed and delivered agricultural equipment since 1864, and been leading in digital ensiling equipment for forage conservation for over 25 years.

We understand the importance of successful conservation, in the aquaculture industry as well as in agriculture. We have flexible and reliable equipment, ensuring precise addition of additives with intelligent control and pumps with different capacity.