OneTouch Feeder II is a rail-going machine and is driven by two beam trolleys with electrical motors. When used on a single beam with bends, the front beam trolley is four-wheel drive and the rear is two-wheel drive. For going only in a straight line, two beams are recommended. In these cases, the beam trolleys in the front are four-wheel drive and the rear ones are without motors.


OneTouch Feeder II is programmable by setting up a feeding pattern defining amount of roughage and concentrates for each group of animals. Feeding can start automatically at given hours, by using the HMI panel or by using an app.

Technical Info

Compare technical details for different configurations of OneTouch Feeder II.

OneTouch Feeder II for feed table

If OneTouch Feeder II is to be used with free-standing feed table, the OneTouch Feeder II with chassis for docking is recommended.


OneTouch Feeder II for feed table

Length3 147 mm
Width1 665 mm
Height1 575 mm
Weightca. 900 kg
Internal Volume3,1 m³
Max bale diameter1,60 m
Power (230 V)34 A
Power (400 V)20 A
Effect, cutter7,50 kW
Effect, Conveyor0,75 kW
Effect, CrossFeeder0,75 kW
Effect, beam trolley0,18 kW (per beam trolley)
Effect, concentrate tank0,09 kW


See user information for more information


Have a look at available accessories for the OneTouch Feeder II.

Tank for concentrates

Concentrates may be fed with the roughage to increase apetite. Desired amount is defined in the program, and is regulated automatically taking the driving speed into account.


Tank capacity is 115 liters.

Automatic filling of concentrates

  • Precise and safe filling of concentrates each time machine is in parking position
  • Adjustable timer for max filling time to avoid overfilling due to sensing failure
  • Flexible solution for use on all concentrate feed screws (see manual for more info)

The concentrate tank will be filled when OneTouch Feeder II is in parking position. An inductive sensor confirms position and another ultrasonic sensor measures level left in tank. If the tank is not full, filling will start.


The auto-filling set consists of a control box and two sensors with brackets and cables.


The CrossFeeder distributes forage to the left or right side of the feed alley.


Available in short (110 cm) and long (170 cm) versions.

Online package 

The online package enables remote access from your mobile device, as well as the possibility for online software updates and troubleshooting.


The online package is being constantly being developed.


The funnel gathers the forage towards the middle of the machine width. Is used if it is desired to feed through a hole in the floor or a narrow alley.


Is available in short an long version.

Free-standing feed table

A feed table enables the possibility of stacking bales for easy loading into the cutter.


OneTouch Feeder II with chassis for docking is recommended when used with free-standing feed table. The feed table is available in different lengths.


Standard knives. Our most aggressive knives with wavy edge for high capacity.


Knives for dry matter. Straight-edged knife to prevent jamming when cutting dry matter.


Knives for reduced flow. Shorter knives reduce the flow. Often used in automated systems where limited capacity is required.


Reinforced knife. Straight-edged knife made from thicker goods to increase longevity. Compatible only with 4 mm reinforced knife drum.


The knives are available in sets of 20 knives, including bolts and wear template.