Safety fence

The safety net covers up to 5 meters and triggers the emergency stop if someone tries to climb over or under the fence. The net is easily detachable if you need access to the machine.

Service switch

The service switch makes it possible to enter the danger zone, but still starting the motors manually. This may be useful during filling or servicing the machine. External start signals are ignored when in service mode.


The service switch is reset by a timer after a specified duration (10 minutes as standard) and normal operation is resumed.

Technical Info

Technical specifications for the SafeGuard.

SafeGuard with gate

Gate is available on left or right side and is specified in the order.



GateWidth (external)1 394 mm
GateWidth (internal)770 mm
GateHeight2 108 mm
FenceHeight1 268 mm
FenceLengthmax5 000 mm

SafeGuard safety fence

SafeGuard is also available as a stand-alone safety fence.