Automatic feeding

AutoFeeder bale chopper and feeding wagon has higher positioning precision due to a new designed encoder wheel. Up to 60 zones can be defined with 11 different feeding programs at different times throughout the day. The machine can also be equipped with load cells. The combination of load cells and accurate positioning result in very accurate feeding regime for the different groups of livestock and cattle. AutoFeeder is a fully automated feeding wagon with lot's of flexibility and reliable mechanics which is tested and improved for more than 25 years.


Concentrate distribution

AutoFeeder has a 120 liter container for concentrates. This can be used as is for one type of concentrate or split to accommodate two different types of concentrate. The distribution can be activated and the amount can be customized independently.

Technical Info



Length3 267 mm
Width1 655 mm
Height1 762 mm
Weightca. 1 150 kg
Internal Volume3,1 m³
Power (230 V)34 A
Power (400 V)20 A
Effect, cutter7,50 kW
Effect, Conveyor0,75 kW
Effect, CossFeeder0,75 kW
Effect, beam trolley0,18 kW
effect, concentrate tank0,09 kW
Max bale diameter1,60 m
Max bale width1,20 m
Volume, concentrate tank120 litres



Download brochure for AutoFeeder in PDF format.