Belt feeding

One belt for the entire feed alley. Reversible plow for feeding groups on both sides. TopFeeder is also available with two-way plow for places where the feed is not dropped onto the belt from an end.


Simple and space effective

TopFeeder is a space effective and smart solution. It is not demanding on the building or interior du to its low weight.


The system is easy to install, reliable and easy to maintain.

Two-way plow

TopFeed is available with two-way plow* and bi-directional belt. This makes it possible to drop forage in the middle of the belt.



Technical Info

Technical specifications for the TopFeeder.


TopFeeder is delivered with start modul, end module and middle module of 3 meters. The middle module can be cut to fit the installation. TopFeeder can be delivered in lengths up to 100 meters, with support every 6 meters.





Width1081 mm
Height545 mm
Width, belt450 mm
Effect, drive motor3,0 kW
Rotational speed, drive motor1 450 rpm
Belt speed102 m/min
Effect, wire pull motor0,5 kW
Rotational speed, wire pull motor1 375 rpm
Wire speed18m/min


See user manual for more information


Have a look at available accessories for the TopFeeder.

Two-way plow

Two-way plow makes it possible to drop forage freely on the belt, as opposed to in one of the ends.