Conservation of dead fish

The daily collection of dead fish from fish farms reduces the potential of contagions in the pens and in nature and gives an overview of the general health of the penned fish. The result is better environment in the pens, and benefit both the farmed fish and the different types of cleaner fish.


Dead fish, fish trimmings and by-products from production is milled and the result is fish silage. To avoid disease, contamination and wild scavengers, it is important to conserve the fish immediately. By adding an ensiling agent, the bacterial growth in the silage is stopped, and the silage can be stored over time. The silage is circulated to ensure uniform pH and achieve the best possible quality.


The quality of the silage is the deciding factor in what happens next; good quality silage can be sold, while low or bad quality silage must be paid for and disposed of as special waste.

Our ensiling equipment

With ensiling products from Serigstad Agri, ensiling agent is easily added with a touch on the screen and desired amount can easily be adjusted. The solution has a digital flowmeter for precise dosing, and an electric shut-off valve to prevent dripping.


The diaphragm pumps can deliver from 3 liters/min to 12 or 17 liters/min respectively. They come equipped with a filter on the pump-side which removes small particles that could be in the ensiling agent. The pump is mounted with the flowmeter and shut-off valve in a stainless steel chassis, for a complete integrated solution. The riser is selected based on the type of container for the ensiling agent, either a 200 liter barrel or a 1000 liter IBC.


The gear-pumps have a flow from 0,5 liters/min and up to 5 or 8 liters/min, respectively. They have the unique ability to reverse the flow through the pump, allowing the unused ensiling agent to be returned to the container from the hose.

Diaphragm pumps (MP series)

The MP series are diaphragm pumps capable of high capacity and high pressure. It is suitable for use on big machinery, like self-propelled harvesters.

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